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Digital Print - Mary Katrantzou digital prints, Designer who has used digital print in a very bold and new way. These garments show how design can be put onto garments to change the shape of the body.


Mary Katrantzou digital prints

Finishing Functional - Innovation In Textiles is a company producing different finishes, changing the properties of non-wovens. On this white garment they have applied the finish called Always Dry. They say Always Dry protects against UV rays and acid rain, protects the colour of the garment and reduces the need of detergent and long term protection.


Nano coatings for textiles and nonwovens: The future is now

Smart Textiles - This company Mermaid in England uses smart technologies of water changing the colour of the surface of fabric. Changing colour or into a pattern. They have taken the idea into swim wear creating a very interesting visual, they have also made the swimwear affordable and for the mass market.

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Zoe Warren

Shibori - This garment is a Shibori inspired design from Kalen Kaminski and Astrid Chastka. They tie tye in the style of Shibori making unique designs. The iconic blue colour is used on the garment, with a fresh and updated look.

New York guide – what we LIKE NYC

Finishing Aesthetic - Alexander McQueen is very well known for heavy embellishments, this garment shows the covering of a garment in beads and details to change the look and texture of the surface. This gives an amazing aesthetic to the garment, Alexander McQueen is always adding more and more to his designs pushing the boundaries of embellishment.

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Laser Cutting - Martin Mostboeck is an interior designer, this laser cut rug is called Dark side of the moon. The composition with the use of laser cutting works perfectly to create a wonderful visual for inside the home. The laser cutting gives a crisp finish and perfect circles, making this piece great to look at.

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Sustainability - Lost Property of London are a company who recycle salvaged fabrics to create new products. This yellow bag is made out of an old sail, they upcycle into great designs and have a great ethic of the whole business. They have started to sell in high end shops, which encourages people to think about buying with thinking where the materials come from.

Roxwell St. Ives Small | Lost Property of London

Digital Knit - Designer KENZO uses a jacquard knit for some of his designs. This garment shows the use of technology in knit creating complex patterns and bold colour combinations. KENZO creates exciting designs for a high end market. You can see you use of several different jacquard patterns in the top and skirt making a elegant overall design.

Versatile Jacquard Knit Pullover by Kenzo - Moda Operandi

Fabrics/Material -Fiorete an interior company, now working with new technologies. This exciting fabric is woven with very fine silk, with the technology in the weave on specialist machines. Once woven the optical fibres are connected to ultra bright LED's to create the stunning effect. They have taken a traditional woven and transformed it into something very special.

Fiorete Group : The magic fabric

Yarns and Fibres - Designer Andrea Brena uses recycled cloth to create these amazing products. Andrea Brena uses an old hand and arm knitting technique, with this technique he says anyone who does it creates a different and new knit "unique to the weaver". Andrea Brena uses wonderful colour combinations making his work very modern and fresh.

Andrea Brena’s Knitted Army at Bauhaus Archive, Berlin - 3rings