Strategy Games

Various Strategy games that I have researched, analysed and compared for Unit 3.
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This is an image of gameplay from the original Civilisation. Players must develop their civilisation from 4000 BC throughout time towards the Space Age. They must also battle with rivalling civilisations that were apparent in history at the year they were playing, e.g. Julius Caesar. Strategies must be produced whilst considering Political, Scientific, Economical and Military aspects of their civilisation.

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StarCraft is unlike the other two games in terms of, you must develop a civilisation whilst battling others. However, it does hold similarities in the fact that the player must devise a strategy in order to defend their own base whilst progressing forward in battle and extending/developing their armies and base. PLayers can choose from three types of warriors with individual story lines, each having varying technologies in accordance to their characteristics and background.

Age of Empires (A0E) was a similar game to Civilisation, in which players must develop a civilisation or group of people through the ages. However, AoE only had our ages which were far more in depth. There are 12 civilisations that the player can choose from, all with varying assets and attributes which they player must adapt to and develop a strategy with in order to progress through the game.

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