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The position of the mother is the highest in the world, as it is the one place in which to learn and exercise the greatest unselfishness. The love of God is the only love that is higher than a mother's love; all others are lower. It is the duty of the mother to think of her children first and then of herself. But, instead of that, if the parents are always thinking of themselves first, the result is that the relation between parents and children becomes the same as that between birds and…

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A rare photo of Sri Ramakrishna's disciples with Swamiji's disciples (Seated from L to R)Kalipada Ghosh (?), Swami Premananda (Baburam Maharaj), Swami Brahmanandaji (Raja Maharaj) & Swami Vijnananandaji (Vijnan Mj) (Standing - L to R) Swami Atmananda (Shukul Mj), Swami Kalyananandaji (?), Swami Adbhutanandaji (Latu Maharaj), Swami Subodhanandaji (Khoka Mj), (?) - Belur Math, June1899 - Thanks to Debraj Mitra for the original photo (Despeckled and reduced noise with Photoshop).

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