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[ мy wiиdσw iร σρєи ρєтєя ραи. cσмє тαkє мє αwαy. ] sorry for the Halsey spam. She is amazing

It wasn't falling I done. It was me simply walking further into love with you, which was a gradual growth. A walk so nice it was great... I still think it is... But sometimes it's confusing... b-but that's okay

"Hi, Dr. Therapist. I did exactly what you said I shouldn't. And you were right. About everything." Every single time without fail 😂

ugh idek anymore I really like this guy & Im just not sure what to do bc idk how he feels && idek if I should say something or keep it secret from him like ... Ugh idk I need advice really really badly . by mya.n.m

I have panic attacks a lot... some of them are a lot worse than others, but since I haven't been officially diagnosed with any disorders I can't say it's because of anxiety