The new ‪innovative‬ technology "‪Augmented Reality‬" has a great potential for attracting ‎consumers‬ to ‪‎retailers‬. For example, ‪‎WOWSOME‬ ‪‎Mobile App‬ for ‎Fashion‬ consumers is ‪‎smart‬ enough to know better about the product, detailing the product features, compare fashion items in terms of fiber ‪‎content‬, design, wash instructions, etc., user reviews, ratings and opinions, all the things can happen just with a single scan.

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With WOWSOME mobile app we able to pay our ‎monthly bills‬, depositing a cheque, applying for ‪‎loan‬ or connect to ‪‎customer care‬ ‪and all ‎banking‬ related services at mobile only.

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WOWSOME helps you to plan your complete ‎trip‬ according to our interests, by figuring out the ‪hotelroom‬, ‪‎attractions, sightseeing,‬ lists of best ‪dine‬

Whether you are with ‪mobile app‬ or at ‎in-store‬, WOWSOME able to create simple shopping‬ experience, such as detailing any of the product (‎grocery stores‬), friends suggestions, experts reviews‬, guidance (esp., for ‪Jewellery‬ and ‎Automotives‬) and the ‪‎stock‬ details.

Retail brands‬ are gearing up by leveraging technology‬ to "customise the search" for products and even personalise their offerings, thereby adding zing to the offline shopping experience.

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WOWSOME mobile app 4 ur retailers offers a curated solution, by addressing their individual needs and creates an ‎Omni-Channel‬ experience by providing ‪‎consumer centric‬ support.

With WOWSOME Mobile App, the shopping experience with makes your customers loyal and feel the great shopping for them in all in the mind of a shopper.

Data engineering‬, ‪‎virtual reality‬, ‪machine learning‬, ‪Interactive 3D view‬ and ‪analytics‬ to understand consumers‬ and will ‎Changing trend‬.

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