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Meet the Team

the fabl is an eclectic bunch including a Chartered Accountant, a business consultant, members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing from industry as well as marketing and advertising agencies, award winning journalists and PR consultants, researchers, graphic designers, UX and IA experts, web developers, SEO experts, event managers, publishing experts and a print broker.
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Paranoid about ageing, enthusiatic, energetic, honest. Loves mountain biking, skiing, France, food and shopping and hates Billy-bullsh***ers, tripe and dieting!


He is a dad to two fantastic young girls who ensure he has limited spare time, but what time he does have he spends learning the art of Tae Kwon Do.


Rebecca is a yummy mummy, she’s kind, loyal and friendly. She loves shopping, sunshine, sauvignon blanc and sweeties and she hates rain, slimline tonic and being cold.


Miles is a keen sportsman, playing pretty much any sport he can get involved in. His real passion is skiing and he takes every opportunity to jet off to the Alps. Once there, the days are spent practicing freestyle tricks in the various snow-parks as well as foraying off piste in search of the ultimate thrill. Then, like all red blooded sportsmen he can be found getting “stuck in” to the après ski.

Away from work, Julie enjoys Zumba, time in the gym, film, theatre and reading. She is also an active environmentalist, committed to countryside preservation and all things green.

When not chained to his desk by Mags, David has a wide range of interests – all linked to horsepower. He’s followed Ferrari in F1 since the days of Gilles Villeneuve, has a much modified Ducati road bike and a Series III Land Rover and he used to own and rally a 1932 MG.