Inside the Chittorgarh Fort, are mysteries and stories that very few know about. Seen here is the abode of Meera Bai who believed that Lord Krishna was her only true love . If folklore are to be believed, it was here, that poison turned into nectar and the cobra sent to kill her turned into a beautiful garland.

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Only he knows the bitterness of love Who has deeply felt its pangs. When you are in trouble No one comes near you..... When fortune smiles. All come to share the joy. Love shows no external wound. But the pain pervades every pore... Devotee Mira offers her body As a sacrifice to Giridhara for ever. 【Mirabai】

Meera bai. My sole inspiration from my childhood. A princess who leaves everything in search of her love. I love reading her poems for they speak to my soul. She was an amazinggg lady! -DJP

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