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previous pinner says: Turns out a baby monkey was rejected by his mom and was very depressed until a dove came along and offered him all the love and affection that he needed to cheer up. The two became best friends and now they’re inseparable

Bebiliboy: com with my Bebiligirl: why Bebiliboy: I can make olways your smile Bebiligirl: ohh😮 really late's go why you waiting for : Bebiliboy: Bebiligirl yea late we go fast 😃😃👌end of story

is the world's biggest curated photo gallery online. Each photo is selected by professional curators. Staircase at Sunset by Jacqueline Hammer

From Texas to Northern Nevada. I post things of beauty to me,Music blog iherethat, Landscapes, Animals, people, Cool Cars,plenty of Variety! Some retro, some modern and SFW pictures!! ENJOY!

Would you like to take a walk here? - Christmas and Winter, and the Beauty of Spring, Summer and Fall.

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