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The Mechanic

Using systems and processes, a Mechanic has the ability to control and manage people without necessarily having any charismatic leadership qualities. Mechanics endure and tend to rely on duplication and replication, and love to challenge the status quo. Mechanics may get caught up in the detail, at the expense of the big picture. Successful mechanics include Mark Zuckerberg, Ray Kroc and Sam Walton.
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Roger Hamilton explaining Wealth Dynamics Mechanics (Welcome | Mechanics) - See more at:


WDeo - Roger Hamilton explaining Wealth Dynamics Mechanics (Welcome | Mechanics)

There are only 8 types of Entrepreneurs according to the Wealth Dynamics Profile types. Here is the eighth type: The Mechanic. Mechanic: They are great at finishing things, but not so good at starting things. They are constantly perplexed by the chaotic imperfection in others, so how can they master something as imperfect as wealth? They focus not at the product, but the system, so everyone with great products will come to them. That’s their winning formula. Examples being Mark Zuckerberg…

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Wealth Dynamics

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WDeo - A Conversation with Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has already made an irreversible impact on society, marketing and politics -- even facilitating political protests around the world in countries such as Colombia and Iran. Facebook is also changing our sense of identity: "I am on Facebook; therefore I am." - See more at:

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