#ThisOrThat: Which one would you go for?

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#Trivia: According to some experts, which product should you replace every three months? 1. Powder eye shadow 2. Mascara 3. Lipstick 4. Powder

#Beauty #Trivia: Which of the following may attract the sun's UV rays to your lips? 1. Lip balm 2. Lip liner 3. High-gloss sheer lipstick 4. Opaque cream lipstick

Red or Pink? Which color are you going with this Valentine’s Day?

Have a party planned tonight? #ThisOrThat? Which one of these outfits would you pick?

It's all a matter of choice! What's yours? Which lip color would you pick to go with this dress?

Which one of these #healthy #FoodArts would you like to give a try?

Who doesn’t love having options? What’s your pick? #ThisOrThat

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