Bioclean is a formulation of beneficial pond bacteria, which has been used in aquaculture ponds. They function well in fresh, brackish or salt water. The beneficial microbes in BioClean have been selected for their ability to biodegrade complex organic compounds like proteins, fats, oils, cellulose and starch.

Aquapro is the biosecurity product that must be added just 3 days prior to introducing the PL (Post larvae). This application improves biosecurity in the PL stages, and Eliminates the undesirable organisms for healthy/dynamic PL.

Heppro is imported and meets the highest quality standards. We have proven that our products efficacy is real and immediate. Regular use of our products have ensured low incidence of disease and also has improved the health of the shrimp.

Ecobio is a multipurpose biological product for treatment of heavy organic sludge in pond soil and odor control.Promote faster degradation of organic materials such as protein, lipid, carbohydrate, cellulose, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, hydrogen sulfide and phosphate.

Pondpro is very effective to control organic sludge in soil and water. Pond Pro can be used for pond preparation water culture, when the total organic matter is less.

Shrimp Probiotics,Probiotics Products

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Shrimp Probiotics,Probiotics Products

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