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Car and bike launches in September - Nine car and bike launches in September 2014

Slideshow : Car and bike launches in September - Nine car and bike launches in September 2014 - The Economic Times

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Ever noticed those oily blotches and finger prints on your cell phone? Your phone is exposed to multiple surfaces and unwashed hands throughout the day. How clean are these surfaces, and more importantly, how clean are your own hands?

How to Keep Your Mobile Phone Clean and Germ-Free

Comic Con India kicks off in Bangalore this Friday (September 12, 2014) and we are super excited to check it out. Don’t worry we have created a list for you too. Go through this checklist and mark down your must-dos. See you there!

7 Things You Must Check Out at the Comic Con in Bangalore

Celebrity success stories come a dime a dozen. But celebrity careers aren't as flawless as you think. In fact, more than a few celebrities have made disastrous career mistakes that cost them some serious downtime. Here's bringing you five celebrity career mistakes you really should avoid.Talking of celebrity careers, check out the Success Mantras of the Stars!

Celebrity Career Mistakes You Should Never Make

If you thought graduating college or business school meant the end of your education, you're mistaken. Learning never stops; at least not if you want to keep climbing that career ladder. It's never too late to study further, pursue a passion, acquire a new skill or even brush up on an old one. Take a cue from these Bollywood celebrities who went back to school.Check out 7 celebrity lessons to succeed in life!

7 Celebrities Who Went Back to School

They are making millions, are the nation’s heartthrobs and have fans all around the world. They have the world falling at their feet and can get anything they want with just the bat of an eyelid.  But do you know many of Bollywood’s biggest celebrities don’t have a single degree to their name? Have a dekko at these Bollywood celebrities who never graduated.Don't Miss: 10 Bollywood Love Marriages That Ended in DivorceImage courtesy: BCCL

10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Never Graduated

They are making millions right now and are the nation's heartthrobs with fans milling at their doorsteps for a glimpse. With so much of fanfare and people at their beck and call, have you ever wondered what it was like before they got famous? Well, they went to schools and colleges just like us, silly. Check out these famous celebrities' alma maters.Image courtesy: BCCLDon't Miss! 10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Never Graduated  

20 Bollywood Celebrities & Their Alma Mater

Kate Middleton will turn mommy for the second time and we have got the feelers of this royal frenzy. The world hasn't yet had enough of Prince George who celebrated his first birthday a few weeks ago, and we have more happy news. Congrats Catherine, Duchess of Cambride! In your honour we have decided to say hello to some cute royal kids who are born with golden spoons and gilded birthrights. Don't Miss: 20 Bollywood Celeb Baby Names & Their Meanings Image Courtesy: BCCL & Reuters

Meet, Greet & Salute These Young Prince & Princesses