Vanessa Stockwell

Vanessa Stockwell

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Una hermosa decoración para la pared del cuarto de los niños : constelaciones y estrellas , justo para que los peques dejen volar su imaginación

The beauty of this cake is that it requires no cooking and can be prepared in very little time from basic ready-made ingredients. Older children will enjoy helping you assemble it but watch out that they don't eat the ingredients first as it's made out of all the things children love!

For a second birthday party, a lion cake. An 8 inch sponge cake, covered in orange-tinted buttercream. Sugarpaste ears, eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers. Chocolate cupcakes around the edge for the mane.

Transform a boring old toilet roll into a pretty fairy house. A quick and easy craft for kids. Here are the step by step instructions.