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Apple iPhone 7 is Apple’s forthcoming Smartphone that is planned to release after iPhone 5s and iPhone 6.


Apple, till date has launched a series of iPhones, and now time has come for another addition to the series, the iPhone 7.


The news about the new iPhone 7 and it’s features have spread widely ever since the company has announced the launch of the product.

Apple has reportedly agreed upon a contract with Samsung which will see the Korean company provide future A-series chips to Apple to be used in iPhone 7.

The new iPhone 7 has a great many new features, and comes with an absolutely new look. All this, have been greatly publicised by the manufacturing company Apple.

The weightless, thin, wireless device that had all our tasks ready at our fingertips has now ascended another step at being more proactive to get us through our day. The new iPhone 7, that has been released to public in 2015

Till know Apple do not say anything even about iPhone 6, so we have no information about the iPhone 7 release date. three following possibilities of iphone 7 release date.