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Logophilia Education Pvt. Ltd.

Logophilia Education is the first and only Etymology Education organisation. English words are simple. We teach, write, and quiz to help you understand. For details, visit:
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Lafzophilia (lafz+philia: meaning, "love for Urdu words") is a unique, and possibly the world's first, Urdu Etymology Blog. This initiative is run by Logophilia Education Pvt. Ltd., and aims to help Urdu become understandable to people across the globe.


Logophilia Edu. Pvt. Ltd. | Pioneers in Etymology Education – Lafzophilia: feelaql


Yeah, what word comes to your mind when you think of WOMEN? We request you to: 1). post a word-at-a-time 2). refrain from the use of unpleasant language Logophilia Education Pvt. Ltd. invites your inputs! #Logophilia #Words #Vocabulary #NoBetterWayToLearnEnglish #Etymology #IsntThisHowYouShouldStudy