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Disaster Management Systems is a leader in development and promotion of management and response tools that support the National Incident Management System (NIMS).
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This DMS-05688 Hospital Evacuation Tag from DMS features a Patient Wristband with matching bar coded bands for patient’s belongings, “Go Bag”, and 2 additional bands for user identified items. An “Evacuation Priority” Door Sticker with tear off receipt to indicate to personnel that the patient has been evacuated from their room.

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The DMS-05811 Exercise and Evaluation Kit by Disaster Management Systems was designed to support the Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program (HSEEP) for National preparedness.

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The DMS-05850 Nursing Home ICS - NHICS Command Vest Kit is the result of collaboration between the Florida Health Care Association and the California Association of Health Facilities.

The DMS Multi-Hazard ICS worksheet portfolio is an organizational tool designed for the first responder.

The DMS-05582 Disaster Evacuation Wristband Tag from DMS features a bar-coded evacuee wristband, 3 luggage tags with matching bar-codes, plus 3 stickers with matching bar-codes for application to bags or boxes.

The EMT3 Optimized All Risk®; Wristband Triage Tag is specifically engineered as an integral part of the new EMT3 (Enhanced Method of Triage, Treatment and Transportation) System. It features updates such as a larger, more detailed Transportation Receipt, an added Ambulance receipt, and a repositioned Contamination strip now located at the bottom of the tag.

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