The Body Coach:#Leanin15 Thai Massaman Chicken curry! Ready in under 15 minutes as usual & perfect to batch cook for lunch the next few days! #teamlean2014 #thebodycoach

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“Chocolate & blackberry Protein Pancakes! #ooooooosh Get on these #LeanIn15 #pancakes cooked in @lucybeecoconut #foodie #foodporn #fitfam #fitness…”

The Body Coach: Fish tacos with home made tomato salsa and guacamole! #leanin15 Instructions: Grease the baking tray with coconut oil. Fold flour tortillas into a taco squares. Place in oven for 20 mins! Tomato salsa: - tomatoes - peppers - red onion - chilli - olive oil Guacamole - avocado - fresh lime - corriander - tomato - salt pepper chilli Cook cod in coconut oil. And seasoning. Combine all ingredients in the taco shells & enjoy!

Try this low carb, high fat lunch! Shredded red onion, red cabbage, carrot and radish with extra virgin olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper & toasted sesame seeds. Fry the salmon in Lucy Bee coconut oil & top with crushed chillies! And that right there is #LeanIn15. Bye bye body fat #Food #Health #Fitness #TheBodyCoach

The Body Coach: Mushroom, new potato & chorizo frittata. This a banging little breakfast which you can make in under 15 minutes & store in the fridge for 2-3 days as well! Thats what I call #Leanin15 win!

The Body Coach:Salmon cooked in @Lucy Bee with eggs, spinach, kale, chilli and served with @totalgreekyoghurt and chive dip! #leanin15

The Body Coach:Team Lean Protein Flapjack 1. 3 Tbs syrup 2. 1 tbs honey 3. 2 tbs almond butter 4. 2 ripe bananas 5. 1 peeled and grated apple 6. 250g rolled oats 7. 100g blueberries & raisins 8. 100g pistachios 9. 100g almonds 10. 100g walnuts 11. 50g sunflower seeds 12. 2 tbs of ground flax seed 13. 2 scoops of whey protein 14. Mix together 15. Add 100ml hot water 16. In an oven tray 17. Fan oven 140degrees for 50 mins

Think outside the cereal box at breakfast today! Try eggs cooked in Lucy Bee Coconut oil with avocado on toast! A good mix of healthy fats and carbohydrates to fuel your body for a few hours. #LeanIn15 #Food #Health #Fitness #Lean

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