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I like the way the stage lights are shining through her dance passe, it bathes the area in an artificial light that contrasts against the darkness of backstage. The photo enables you to feel the anticipation of going on stage. (AMARIS)

Margot Fonteyn 1919-1991 Fonteyn was the first internationally aclaimed ballerina to be trained in England. Before her most ballet dancers came from Russia, Italy or France. She was famous for her elegance, sensitivity and charm. In 1962 she formed one of the most famous dancing partnerships in the history of ballet with Russian superstar Rudolf Nureyev

Lovely photo! I have been doing my best to track the photo credits to no avail. I believe it's from a photo shoot with dancers from the National Ballet of China.

Tribute to the centenary of Natalia Dudinskaya. DANCE OPEN 2012 (Photos by Stas Levshin)