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NORTH: DALSTON ROOF PARK Open Saturday The party one. The one that soundtracks every second with aggressive, neck-knocking funk. The one where, after a few excellent home-brewed pale ales, you start dancing and think “hey, XOYO isn’t that far” even though you’re 12 years too old to go there. Just ride it out and enjoy the monthly rotation of food pop-ups, which kicks off with Le Bao. Rain escape: Farr’s School Of Dancing


CENTRAL: NOTCH Open May 5 You need it. You need it so much it terrifies you. And now you can have it! Yes, Notch serves Old Fashioneds in tuna cans. There’s lovely Japanese street food from Fudo Shack too: things like short rib steamed buns and sashimi pizzas. It’s a rare treat to huff those above Oxford Street, rather than in a crumbling mine near Clapton. Rain escape: The Carpenters Arms


Cocktail Lounge, Zetter Townhouse (EC1) There are a lot of ripped-jean media types fussing around here at night, given all the Clerkenwell offices that surround it. So it always feels more like an after-work drinking spot than a “charge it to my room” one. It’s full of cool vintage bric-a-brac too, like one of those small, dusty shops in Mediterranean countries where the owners always seem to hate you on sight. Average room cost per night: £222


Scarfes Bar, Rosewood Hotel (WC1) Gerald Scarfe drawings on the walls! Ah, the sneering sizzle of political satire! Hotel bars tend to be powerfully bland, as inoffensive as Boxing Day television, but his one has personality. A message. Take that, faceless elite. The food selection is surprising, full of sinful treats like curries and kebabs. Average room cost per night: £378


EAST: BOUNDARY Open now Unparalleled in terms of luxury seating – everything has the creamy sponginess you’d get on a steel magnate’s superyacht. Happy landings guaranteed when gin cocktails attack your balance. Boundary’s just thrown its winter menu off the roof and replaced it with Mediterranean tapas like octopus and chorizo skewers. Rain escape: The Owl & Pussycat

Open now Probably the most sophisticated rooftop out there, loved by the theatre set, with their shortbread-coloured blazers and House Of Lords haircuts. It looks like a pinball machine from above, which gives you an abundance of places to perch, and on Fridays from lunchtime they drag the BBQ up there for a meaty hoedown. Rain escape: Hammersmith Ram

SOUTH: FRANK’S CAFE Open May 19 This 10-storey-high spot has glorious unbroken views of The Shard, London Eye, and ominous high-rises like you see in The Bill and Skepta videos. It’s always busy, so you can count on a great atmosphere – but there’s nowhere to cower when it pelts down, so do check the forecast. Grab a burger and head to the Campari bar to drink more Negronis than a divorcing actress. When it rains, escape to: The Rye

GNH Bar, Great Northern Hotel (N1) “Cocktails and stolen glances ‘til late,” promises the website. Look at you – catching eyes, sidling over, cracking wise. Here you’re a lothario. This isn’t some perfunctory, quick-lager-before-bed hotel bar; this is transformation. It’s also got the stylish darkness of a Shoreditch speakeasy, just without the neckbreaking walk down four stairwells. Average room cost per night: £179

Dandelyan, Mondrian Hotel (SE1) The gaudy pink-and-green furniture here is a great fist-shaking show of defiance, a determined “look here, you!” Fun and ostentatious and not hotel-y. The cocktails are bold, summery and exotic, too. Plus it’s right on the Thames, so you can watch those London River Buses bobbing by and mumble something hollow about “Boris’ legacy”. Average room cost per night: £149

Peg + Patriot, Town Hall Hotel (E2) A bar that hurls itself head-first into the silliness of the east London cocktail scene. Its mixes have involved gin, coal and lavender. Or burnt pineapple rum, coconut beer and banana butter. And they all have names like “Doncaster Miners’ Club”. You’re not in a hotel here, friends. You’re in a boutique crazy house. Average room cost per night: £172