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The Magnificent Castle

"The Magnificent Castle - How To Become Who You Are" is a fun, colourful and quirky life coaching e-course for women who want to become more of who they are. Find it here
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So much of our thinking is way past its' sell by date and decidedly whiffy!


Have you got a doorkeeper who won't let anyone past your trust wall?

Launching the Magnificent Castle and celebrating the wonderful women who helped me to get there.

The "push-me pull-me" of the self sabotage world. Be the best - but don't be arrogant. Take care of yourself - but don't be selfish.

Living a bigger life takes guts - the Magnificent Castle welcomes gutsy people like you

Inside the Magnificent Castle is a private Facebook group for Castle Explorers!

The maid of all work - no time to stop, it's all up to me, can't say NO, don't ask for help . . . it exhausts me to look at her. Is this you?

Sign up here for my free video series and workbook on Saying NO and Saying YES. Master this crucial skill.

Recognise her? The catastrophiser part of our wonky thinking!