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Which system are you currently being indoctrinated by? Education is essential but by its very nature is often a form of indoctrination that limits the thinking of the person being taught to a system of beliefs that they can not (will not) see beyond. Husserl a prominent 20th century philosopher believed that to become a philosopher one must overthrow their own former indoctrinated beliefs in order to understand the world with a fresh perspective. #quote #husserl #edmundhusserl #education…


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Tag a friend who is immature! ... Just kidding... Immanuel Kant is a notable figure of the Enlightenment. Kant believed that it was immature for someone to live by external rules or directionsomething he called tutelage: "Enlightenment is man's release from his self-incurred tutelage. Tutelage is man's inability to make use of his understanding without direction from another. Self-incurred is this tutelage when its cause lies not in lack of reason but in lack of resolution and courage to use…


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John von Neumann was a 20th century Hungarian mathematician. Nobel Laureate Eugene P. Wigner once said: I have known a great many intelligent people in my life. I knew Planck von Laue and Heisenberg. Paul Dirac was my brother in law; Leo Szilard and Edward Teller have been among my closest friends; and Albert Einstein was a good friend too. But none of them had a mind as quick and acute as Jansci [John] von Neumann. I have often remarked this in the presence of those men and no one ever…

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The only true form of knowledge is experience #quote #quoteoftheday #leonardodavinci

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The significance of Ovshinsky's work might not be apparent at first glance but please bear with me... Computer scientists at IBM have recently created an artificial "neuron" which works by changing the phase of a crystal using a small electrical pulse. This is known as a phase transition". Ovshinsky's work is over 50 years old and laid much of the groundwork for this "neuron" technology. Completely self-taught this electrical engineer held over 400 patents and is responsible for inventions…

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Quote from some guy named Plato ... #quote #quoteOfTheDay #plato #philosophy #philosopher #progress

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V. S. Ramachandran is an interesting character to follow. A perpetual outlier he's pioneered areas of neuroscience including techniques to help amputees overcome phantom limb symptoms. Despite being criticised for his sometimes "unscientific" or "unsophisticated" approach Time magazine has listed Ramachandran as one of the top 100 most influential people in the world. --- #quote #quoteOfTheDay #science #neuroscience #brain #mind #consciousness

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A quote often misattributed to Voltaire but is actually S. G. Tallentyres interpretation of Voltaire's thoughts. -- Freedom of speech is often a thorny subject to discuss because there are some points of view that each of us find so objectionable. However rights are only secure if they are immutable and apply to everyone. The next time you see a petition or social media campaign to have a person banned from speaking their views consider this quote. -- #quote #philosophy #Voltaire #rights…

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Quote from a Ray Peat interview featured in the much anticipated documentary On The Back Of A Tiger. Ray Peat is a huge proponent of self-driven learning. A teachers role should be to facilitate learning by helping pupils find the answers to their own questions and not by dictating to them what should be learned. Studies show that students who are the most academically successful are often not the most intelligent students. Beyond a certain point intelligence can result in lower school…

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