Rose Quartz for unconditional love These 'Love' air plant terrarium kits are now listed in my @etsy shop just in time for Valentines Day Link in bio Talking of love Caitlin Moran on Desert Island Discs this morning: "Life is about cramming in as much joy as possible"

A little more eucalyptus love Have a lovely Saturday we're off to @edenprojectcornwall with friends today

Little signs that Spring is just around the corner at @edenprojectcornwall yesterday making today's grey rainy gloom a little easier to bear...

Monday I'm winning so far! An hour of wet and muddy training done by 8 now on to kiddies cleaning playing and post office. All holding out for sofa and Taboo later. Anyone else beating the Monday grey gloom into the background?

With my weather app showing rain until next Weds oh for the blinding sun of last week!

F e b r u a r y The birthstone for February and Aquarius is Amethyst said to aid healing and bring calm balance and peace - something we could all definitely do with more of at the moment - and a lovely gift for Aquarius birthdays! Available now in the shop (link in bio) For FREE P&P use code AMETHYST17 at checkout (offer ends midnight Sunday)

We had a total wipe out of a day yesterday as my oldest boy is ill. Lots of pottering reading stories a bit of cleaning... but these beautiful faded roses are still there on my table! I think today might be a similar unstructured affair

The wispy elegant T. Straminea

This random graffiti appeared in our local park. There's a "don't" hidden under our wellies. Yesterday I thought long and hard about how often I feel SO good not just OK or pretty good or busy. Enough apparently that it worked its way into my subconscious and I had a dream in which I did actually feel SO good! The sun was out and something was very funny...So I'm sharing it here in the hope that you have lovely dreams later too Till then have a feel-good Sunday

Feeling totally inspired after watching Captain Fantastic last night - if you haven't seen it see it! Going to up my rewilding game and plan some family wilderness holidays Power to the people! Stick it to the man

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