The Park Hotels

The Park Hotels

The Park Hotels is India's first collection of luxury contemporary boutique hotels located in 10 cities across India. Log onto
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An #AnythingButOrdinary experience awaits you at The Park Hotels. Curious? Book now:

Good things come to those who selfie! Take and upload a snapshot to remember in The Park New Delhi’s elevator with #AnythingButOrdinary. Surprises await!

We channel the cool of Bangalore at our very own property. Visiting the Garden City? Book now:

Are you a lover of all things Italian? Traverse the flavours of Italian trattorias, ristorantes and bistros across The Park Hotels.

Located in the high street of Chennai’s chic fashion district, The Park POD is a modern sanctuary. Book a stay at our Urban Abode now:

In the mood for something new? Our Deconstructed Lemon Tart with Lime Sorbet is an unforgettable taste. It’s truly #AnythingButOrdinary.

Whether it’s a flavourful Raj Kachori or a hearty Wiener Schnitzel, travel with your tastebuds when you visit us at The Park Hotels. Hungry yet?

Relax, take it easy. Aura’s here to bring you to a complete unwind:

Summer’s a-coming! Kick back at Aqua’s poolside paradise with our signature drinks. Give us a call to find out more: 1800 102 7275