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ColorOs Camera

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OnePlus One, Awesome Photographs taken through ColorOs Camera

Slow shutter mode set at 32s at low lighting area. Image lights up like a day.

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Karnataka, India. ColorOs camera, OnePlus One

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Awesome shots taken by OnePlus One using various camera mods.

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Night shot by ColorOs camera in normal mode.

ColorOs Camera User Interface. Install ColorOs camera on your OnePlus One to take photos up to 50 MegaPixels. Checkout:

ColorOs Camera, Slow shutter shot with a shutter time of 8 seconds. Install ColorOs camera on your OnePlus One, CM11s, without rooting your device.

SuperMacro mode of ColorOs Camera on OnePlus One. Checkout more samples here:

HDR Mode in ColorOs camera for OnePlus One, CM11s. Checkout more:

Professional Mode, ISO 200, Manual Focus 50.