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100+ Must Visit Restaurants In Mumbai

There are tons of restaurants in Mumbai, which makes it difficult to zero down on a restaurant at the last moment. These 100+ restaurants are your go-to guide when you're looking for a restaurant to celebrate in! For more information Visit:
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There is nothing to dislike about The Homemade Cafe, apart from the fact that it doesn’t serve alcohol. The Homemade Cafe is located on the main streets of Oshiwara, and is hard to miss while you’re passing by. This cafe not just serves good food, and plays lovely music, but also has the most eye-pleasing decor in Mumbai. The Homemade Cafe with its look, and food will get you hitched to it real good!


If you ask me a synonym for chicken biryani, then Delhi Darbar is what I will say. Lip-smacking biryani and variety of dishes for starters and main course alike, Delhi Darbar is one of my favourite place to eat in when in Colaba. Eating a paan at the paan store right outside this restaurant has become a ritual for me!


Going to Sobo? Got time? Order at Bademiyan and sit by Marine Lines to eat. This experience is much better than sitting in an AC restaurant and staring at other’s table. Bademiyan is extremely famous for it’s chicken dishes and it’s variety of kebabs.


There’s doodling all over the place, making the place an eye-candy. The food is good, and the staff there is attentive. The plus point of eating here is that it’s located in a very picturesque location so, a walk after over stuffing yourself won’t be a stress.

They claim they’re getting better as they age. Many think the same! Leopold has been in Colaba since.. well, a very long time. A great place to chill with friends and some drinks. Food is good, and a favourite among both Indians and foreigners.

Salt Water Cafe is a must visit if you looking to drink great Sangrias in Mumbai. The sandwiches, rissotto, gnocchi are too good! My favourite desert in this restaurant has to be the chocolate cake with raspberry sorbet. It’s oh-so-delectable. Want to feel luxurious? Go pamper yourself in this elegant restaurant.

A fun restaurant to dine in. If you’ve a really special occassion to celebrate, then this place is apt for that! They have great food, bartender is super fun and music will not let you get bored for even a moment!

Leaping Windows is my run-to cafe on Sunday afternoons! If heaven had comics it would look like Leaping Windows Cafe. This cafe has one of the most interesting comic library in Mumbai, and serves absolutely delicious food to accompany you while you’re lost in another world. Read my review on Leaping Windows to know more about this beautiful comic cum cafe!

A fun place to catch up in Bandra, Candies gets your party grooving like no other restaurant in Mumbai. This place has it all. Great food, lively, fun and chic ambience and I really love the way seating arrangements done in this restaurant. The interiors will awe you and make a great backdrop for your selfies! Got a treat coming up? This can be a good option!

The ambience of this restaurant completely replicates it’s name. Eating in Village the soul of India feels very relaxing and will leave you feeling rejuvenated. With amazingly high quantity of starters, and delectable main course, eating at this restaurant is worth every penny. Though, personally I feel they could add in some more desserts!