Cultural Spa Inspirations

Natural Spa products and treatments with ingredients from around the world to rejuvenate the body and awaken the soul.
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Natural spa treatments can aacheive all these attributes, it's one of nature's best tools.

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Thea Skincare Detox and Tone natural spa treatments, were inspired by icelandic spas and out door mud baths renown for detoxing and purifying the body naturally.

Thea Skincare Asian Spa Therapy Collection celebrates the meeting of the East in the West inspired by centuries old traditions.

Asian inspired Fruit and Spice Purifying Body Scrub, with tumeric, neem and exotic Asian body butters.

Everything that's best our our skin and body comes from nature and we're 90% water.

Dark chocolate the elixir of love for both your heart and your body.

With love from Thea the perfect Valentine gift for him & for her

Thea African Therapy Collection inspired a high end African inspired natural spa range from

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