In this book, Lewis Blackwel and Tim Flach did well; they took a lot of photos of their dog. In the first look, I think these photos are the same, not interesting. However, more carefully looking, I felt this is activity of a dog. This dog very cute, it can jump, dancing and it is soulful, expressive. The author very clever when using dogs for their design. Because people love animals and they will interest in books about animals as well as indoor animals such as dogs and cats.

We easy to see a bathroom, in next image it has a bit surprise because the legs too big compare to the room. In the third, the author shows his meaning is all things in first page just toys and not real things. And keep going, the man and the bathroom is a image from book. However, the story is not end at that. We can see one man who reading the book and with a far view, it’s a picture. The picture was hung on the wall in bathroom. So, the story started and it ends with the same one picture.

Whenever we see red sign on the street or somewhere, we need to careful because it maybe dangerous. At the middle, white line shows the meaning is ‘this street only one way’. In next symbols, all of them are dangerous signs or disallow signs. In the second symbol and third, you are not allow to carry dogs in this site and can not swimming in here. The letter P is Parking, so it is not allow to parking. Familiar, you can not playing skateboard and bicycle are the fifth and sixth graphic…

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