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TURNBULL VASE: DIMENSIONS: H50.5xD26 cm; PRICE: 4500/-; Buy Now:


PAKHI BIRD - Set of 2; PRICE : Rs. 11,250/-; Buy Now :


TEMIRA TRAY - Dimensions : L32.3 x W12.1 cm; PRICE : Rs. 1,550/-; Buy Now :

ZITA FLOWER VASE: DIMENSIONS: H24xH21 cm; PRICE: 2000/- (Set of 2); Buy Now:

TAVARIL DISH: DIMENSIONS: L20xW19xH4.5 cm; PRICE: 700/-; Buy Now:

BANGLE STOOL-The aluminum stool shaped and joint together in the form of bangles is what every room calls for. The stool gives a flexible and comfortable seating more than anything else; PRICE: 6900/-; Buy Now:

SMILE FACE -This expressive Aluminum mask holds the attraction of everyone around and adds virtous feel in the room. Substantiate a new feel right away; DIMENSIONS:L45xW8xH60cm; PRICE:4900/-; Buy Now:

FACE STOOL-Do you really want to give a face lift to your room? This Aluminum metal FACE STOOL will do it. The stool is designed in a manner that gives superb seating pleasure and experience; PRICE:11250/-; Buy Now:

MAHAL URN-The beautiful Aluminum trio comes in large, medium and small sizes and it will bring a stark effect into just every room.The URNS hold beauty and functionality; DIMENSIONS:LARGE-L52xW52xH97 cm; MEDIUM-L43xW43xH83cm;SMALL- L39xW39xH63cm;PRICE:7500/-,6000/-,4500/-; Buy Now:

IDRA VASE - Dimensions : L35.5 x W12.1 x H17.1 cm; PRICE : Rs. 1450/-; Buy Now :