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Happy Lifehacks

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Its very simple to make your life happy. You don't need to go to Mount Everest in search of peace and happiness. Just discover your inner self and listen to your inner voice. It takes very small things to make your life happier. Follow your hobbies, organize your life, make a daily routine, make a balance between your personal and professional life. Happy lifehacks will be sharing with you simple tricks called hacks, to make you come to term with your life.

Amazing place near Pune Lohgarh Fort - Pune, India

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It is a usual phenomenon of boys when they see a beautiful girl; they are taken aback by the charm and beauty. Normally a boy start trying to grab the attention by their different gestures ”however” some boys turn to be bold enough and as a Robinhood, just start showing hurly-burly behavior. So guys please stop this cynical behavior.

10 things to take care of before your Christmas party


15 SIMPLE AND NATURAL WAYS TO GET RID OF DEPRESSION: Depression is a mood disorder syndrome characterized by low self-confidence and other possible signs that may vary from person to person. This disease can develop rapidly or gradually, and can be brought on by life events or changes in body chemistry.

10 things to take care of before your Christmas party

10 things to take care of before your Christmas party. We are ready to bid adieu to a promising 2014 and on the verge of welcoming another lovely year 2015. Our festive jubilant mood makes us overenthusiastic and careless. If we take care of our common mistakes, we can make our celebration magical.

Don’t start doing anything for the sake of others. It’s your life and you have to be in commanding position all the time. You have to be strict and communicative while convincing others about your decisions.

Living your life healthy and happily is not so difficult. We need to change our attitude towards our life and make some rules for it. In a 9 to 6 private job we tend to be in strict discipline and follow our routine. However, when it comes to our personal life, we become a looser and forget all the disciplines.

5 Ways to celebrate this Diwali without crackers: Diwali is the festival of lights and love. The festival morally signifies the victory of light over darkness, Good over bad and hope over gloom. It is the most festive and beautiful times of the year. We celebrate Diwali with lights, candles, diyas and sweets. We should celebrate pollution free and safe Diwali. We can rejoice Diwali without fire crackers.