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Places the history of the medieval sword in context. Explaining both the rise of the design of the medieval sword and its historical development as a response to the development of the medieval armor.

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Detail of a European riveted mail hauberk, made in Nuremberg, Germany, circa Musée de l'Armée.

Girl. old. The Netherlands. Music. Singing. Dancing. Photography. Fashion. Couture. Nature. High Heels. Fake Fur. Lace. Studs. Sequins. Leather(look). Animal Prints. Tattoo’s. Piercings. Shopping. (Ice) Coffee. Tea. Friends. Laughing. Gum.

Acrobat Elf Walkabout

Acrobat Elf Walkabout

Accordion Pleats - elegant fabric manipulation for fashion design; haute couture sewing techniques Valentino