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pt today published a join memo from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security it obtained which says the hacking group, typically referred to as the "Guardians of Peace," have threatened to assault a I.S. new media group, and the danger "may delay to totally different such organizations inside the near future." The memo doesn’t state the knowledge media group by title, nevertheless in its place references Pastebin messages that taunt every the FBI and "USPER2," which is how the FBI’s…

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9. This adware infection is designed particularly to make money. It generates unwanted web traffic, collects sales leads for other unwanted sites, and will show advertisements and sponsored links within your internet browser. The Downasd.com advertisements are occured by an ad-supported (users will see additional advertisement banner, pop-up, search, pop-under and in-text link advertisements) cross browser plugin for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer, which is circulated through…

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