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10 Ways to Lower the Cost of Maintaining Your ERP Technologies

Reducing the cost of maintaining your ERP technologies is an endeavor that will almost certainly help increase the value of your IT resources, which ultimately drives greater revenue.
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Always remember that the more your ERP #system has been customized (at the system code level), the harder it will be to apply technology upgrades down the road. By extension, the more you limit customizations and work within the #framework of the #ERP, the more you save on future upgrades.

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Many #companies purchase licenses that are never used but pay maintenance #fees for these never-used licenses. Pay attention to what is actually being used and insist on only paying maintenance fees for those #licenses that are.

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Whether before #implementation or 10 years in, the better your #ERP planning, the better your execution. The better your execution, the lower your costs. This is true for most technology efforts, and it is definitely #true for keeping your ERP up to date

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Syntax | Enterprise Resource Planning System

#Companies evolve: whether opening new facilities, adding trading partners, consolidating operations, #outsourcing functions, centralizing the back office, or conducting any other activity that involves change, #businesses are in constant flux.

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