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Vintage London

Please be fair when pinning from this board. This has taken me a long time to gather all these pictures so please no re pinning half the board! This still keeps happening after asking,so I am starting blocking for those that don't play fair.
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The aftermath of a Tram accident in April 1946. An early morning "Workman's" Tram gathered speed down Grand Depot Road and derailed at a crossover and plunged into the Co-op in Woolwich New Road. Four people received minor injuries. The local police seem to have it well in hand. The Workman's Tram was introduced by the London County Council when that body ran the most of London's Trams. They were early morning Trams which catered for factory workers at cheaper fare rates. It was also…


Men unloading barrels of beer outside a pub in the Pool of London, while their carthorse feeds from a nosebag, December 1949. Original publication: Picture Post - 4931 - The Pool Of London - pub. 3rd December 1949. Photo by Bert Hardy (19 May 1913 - 3 July 1995) / Picture Post / Hulton Archive/Getty Images)


A demonstration of a vacuum cleaner for the London streets, with representatives of the London Corporation in the car, 9 Apr 1913


Sainsbury's Woking - Christmas display, c. 1920. (Imagine with today's Elf & Safety Reg's hanging loads of dead birds and animals outside your shop today!)


this photograph captures the steel base of Tower Bridge, the existence of which many do not even know - because the outer part of the bridge is lined with stone.