How to generate dynamic QR code using Google API with php post request. Google have a QR code API this is an easy way to generate QR code

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Android is the most popular mobile platform now. Here is our list of some useful Android applications for web developers and designers.

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Submitting sitemap to google webmaster tools is the most important step for the site SEO. This article show you how to generate your own Google sitemap in Php for your custom script dynamically.

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We have listed top ten reviews about the new apple device iphone 5. Watch all the grate reviews in one place and post your personal reviews here.

Filter is a new extension available in php 5.2 or later. This is an easy way to validate email, ip address, url or datatypes. normally we are using special functions or finding logic to validate such data

There are lot of php pdf libraries available to create PDF documents from PHP applications.

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