official music videos as found on MTV, and YouTube. All music videos are listed from most popular to least. The songs featured in these music videos span alb...


The largest Live Music Benefit Event in History. If you remember Woodstock, If You liked Live Aid, If you watched the Olympics and If you went to the super bowl, this is event is bigger than all of them combined and then some.


Click on the link here for Audio Player - - Live In Session at The BBC - 1980 - BBC 6 Music Something familiar tonight, but early. in 1980 as they were hitting the charts with I Will Follow (and the rest is history). It's interesting to consider this...


Formerly Known As: The Hype The band changed its name from The Hype to in the middle of a concert after the departure of guitarist Dik Evans, the older brother of The Edge. —Jeff Royer (Photo: Dave Hogan, Hulton Archive, Getty Images)

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