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Iris laevigata - Japanese iris. Up to 70cm high with erect sword shaped leaves and purple flowers


Hottonia palustris - Water violet. Perennial with whorled feathered leaves and pale purple flowers held above the water in spring


Juncus effuses f spiralis - Corkscrew rush. Forms a clump of corkscrew-like leafless stems, occasionally with small clusters of brown flowers in summer

Ponteria cordata - Pickerel weed. A marginal to 1.2m tall with erect lance-shaped or ovate bright green leaves to 18cm in length on tall stems with spikes to 15cm in length of small blue flowers in late summer

Hottonia palustris - Water violet erect stems bearing whorled, pinnate, feathery, light green leaves and, borne from late spring into summer above the water, salverform, white, pale pink, or pale purple flowers with yellow throats

Stratiotes aloides - Water pineapple sword-shaped, saw-edged green leaves which are submerged for most of the year. It rises to the surface to produce small, creamy-white flowers in the summer.

Stratiotes aloides - Water pineapple plant. Narrow sword-shaped leaves which are submerged for most of the year, rising to the surface to produce white flowers in the summer