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Silver Oak Necklace

This Friendship Necklace comes with message 'From little acorns mighty oaks do Grow'. Silver Oak Leaf and pearl charm necklace Can be personalised.

'… Everyone Wishes They Had' Print

This 'everyone wishes they had' friendship print really celebrates the special people in our lives and lets them know just how great they are.The word friend can be replaced by: Mum, dad, mother, father, sister, brother, mummy, daddy, auntie, uncle, grandma, grandad, son, daughter, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, parents, cousin, best friend, godmother, godfather, gran, granny, nanna, nan, nanny, grandparents, grandpa, mum & dad, noni, childminder, teacher, nana, godparents, ...

Grow Your Own Blueberry Jam Gift

Are you interested in our Personalised gifts for mums? With our personalised gifts for her you need look no further.