Dancers dressed in traditional attire take part in rehearsals for the 'Garba' dance ahead of nine-day Navratri festival in Ahmedabad on Sunday.

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Navratri Festival: The feminine divine form is celebrated with candle lit processions, cooking, dancing, singing, water & sky lanterns, and even burning effigies of evil. Based on dates in the lunar calendar, Navratri is a nine-night, ten-day festival that takes place in the fall celebrating the Hindu goddess Durga.

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Women dressed in traditional finery carry religious symbols on their heads as they practice the Garba dance ahead of the Navratri festival in Ahmedabad. (

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NAVRATRI Festival of, for Women, Women Power: Shakti, celebrating Ma DURGA, Most Brilliant in Gujarat, where its celebrated as a Festival of (Garba) Dance over nine Evenings-Nights (5th - 13 th October, 2013)

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