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Musician Isaac Waddington can't make you love him

Young Isaac enchanted the Judges with his piano and singing skills in the auditions. His rendition of I Can't Make You Love Me is a hit with the crowd, but will the public vote for him?

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Show us your moves, Old Men Grooving!

Can Old Men Grooving seal the deal?

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Hallelujah! It's Côr Glanaethwy

The Welsh choir brought the house down with their rousing semi-final performance. Could their magnificent rendition of hallelujah bring home a win to the valleys?

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The Kingdom Tenors make some tremors

Simon wasn't keen on their audition song choice, so for the semi-finals they've gone for One Direction's Story Of My Life. These boys have certainly got big voices, but will the public get behind them?

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Friday's semi-final: meet the acts performing on tonight's show

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Can Jamie Raven ace the final?

Magician Jamie Raven conjured up a helicopter to win his semi-final. He goes back to his roots for a magical performance in the final, but will it end on a sour note?

Meet the Britain's Got Talent finalists

Wow! What an sensational week it's been. After five semi-finals we can finally reveal the line-up - minus the Wild Cards - for the Britain's Got Talent final. It's shaping up to be an extraordinary climax to a sensational series!

Calum and Danny are the final two

Talent 2015,Calum,Britain S,Danny O'Donoghue,Finals

Danny Posthill's a man of many voices

Danny Posthill's audition made quite an impression on the awesome foursome. This time he's got a surprise for Ant and Dec, but who will have the last laugh?

Can Jesse-Jane McParland eliminate the competition?

Jesse-Jane wowed the Judges with her impressive (and terrifying!) martial arts skills during her audition. Just don't try her samurai-themed semi-final performance at home folks!