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This is a relatively new Tayberry Variety and has the advantage of having no spines. It develops strong canes and a high yield of this uniquely flavoured fruit. This is fast becoming the No1 choice for Tayberry Growers. All our soft fruit plants are Top Quality, Commercially Produced Plants that have been stringently researched and tested. They are bred at East Malling Research and have passed all the relevant Industry Recommendations.

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Bank Holiday Special - Blackcurrant Plant Ebony Variety Bare Root Cordon - £10.95

Then Ideal 3 Tier Planter for Growing Strawberries. £16.64 inc Shipping

Two Pink Haxnicks Strawberry Or Herb Patio Planters £6.95 Enjoy the delicious taste of juicy, home grown strawberries on your patio or balcony. One planter will accommodate 12 strawberry plants