The long talks, speculation and rumours of a #Facebook phone having an OS tailored to the social network have finally been quenched making way for newer squabbles with the announcement of the Facebook Home. The #new system from the #socialnetworking giant integrates the experience of Facebook to the core usage of the #phone.

Did you know that you can control the way your websites are previewed on Twitter when tweets are linked to them with #TwitterCards? How does that help? Well this practically means that you can share a part of the experience provided by your website onto every tweet that links to your page.

Now as the name suggests the plugin we are talking about today is a meansto integrate #PostAffiliatePro onto any #Magento Store. Basically Post Affiliate Pro(PAP) is a great suite of affiliate software and allows for managing campaigns and tracking affiliate sales. The software is very affordable and you can easily purchase a license to fit your budget and usage.

The idea behind content #curation is to gather interesting information on a subject and #catalogue it for the common benefit of everyone. This is especially needed more because the web is becoming more social and there is growing amount of #internet spam.

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That is right some really eye-popping drool worthy #interfacedesigns that you can use to interfaces without anybody suing you for anything. These are some of the best we found while searching ideas for interfaces of our own. Maybe you can get a few ideas for yourself out of these #UIKits.

Some users in the US must have noticed that the Bing voice search on their #WindowsPhones has improved and become much faster. This can be attributed to the secret improvements that Microsoft has been making to their voice recognition servers and the #BingVoiceSearch app.

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