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Titanic Series 2 - A Ship that was meant to be unsinkable!

The Conversion of a Queen - Being sure of eternal life

Meet & Greet - The first man to meet God!

Lessons from the migrant crisis! What would you do to get a better life?

Can you ignore the powerful message of a changed life? - STT036 by seekthetruthpodcast | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Another thought provoking blog from Seek the Truth Bible Media. Do you believe everything you hear or do you check out the facts? In light of this principle would belief in Jesus Christ stack up - check it out, it's a MUST topic to consider!

The real Spirit of Guinness - A story worth telling. A Video Bible talk produced by Seek the Truth Bible Media.

Interesting Tales - #Titanic Series. No 4 - Titanic’s last song Presented by Seek the Truth Bible Media

Why not listen to the Living Hope Show this Saturday at 8.30 a.m. If that's too early it's repeated again at 3.30 p.m. Stephen Baker presents various items about the Bible and Faith mixed with Christian songs. This week we are talking about the story of a bible which was lost in WW2 being returned home after 70 years - quite a fascinating story! Listen to the Living Hope Show on internet radio station,Vintage Radio (

Please take a look at this video. This is the third in the Interesting Tales - Titanic Series. It is about the attitude and opinions of people in 1912 when the Titanic sank. Not much has changed! But thankfully God still offers forgiveness and salvation to all who repent and come to Him, by faith. For more information please contact me via Kind regards. Stephen