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Liesl Pfeffer combines her photographs to create abstract nature-inspired collages. One could label her work as “mixed media”, though she’s given herself the title of “photo-media artist”.

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rookiekid: Art Fart by bambi-spirit on Polyvore mine, please do not change the source or this text, thank you x for more collages like these click here (drawing picture used was drawn by kaethe-butcher)

Maurizio Anzeri's embroidered photographs make patterns of the past

If you don't know Maurizio Anzeri's work then I really suggest you check them out. SO BEAUTIFUL. La Famiglia (2013)

Joe Webb

This picture has a really cool idea behind it. This old fashioned woman, being embraced by the stars. It makes you think of how far women have come, from the first female astronauts to their skyrocketing ambitions. Really, a very tastefully done piece.