Balarāma inquired from Kṛṣṇa about the actual situation. He said, "My dear Kṛṣṇa, in the beginning I thought that all these cows, calves and cowherd boys were either great sages and saintly persons or demigods, but at the present it appears that they are actually Your expansions. They are all You; You Yourself are playing as the calves and cows and boys. What is the mystery of this situation? Where have those other calves and cows and boys gone?

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Krishna and Balarama would sometimes steal butter from the gopis homes. While the gopis were engaged in their household duties, Krishna and Balarama would enter a dark room and light the room with the glittering jewels on their bodies. Then they would pile wooden planks to reach the butter pots hanging high from the ceiling.

Upon hearing the sound of the falling fruits, the demon Dhenukāsura, who was living there in the form of an ass, began to approach with great force. The demon appeared first before Balarāma and began to kick His chest with his hind legs. At first, Balarāma did not say anything, but the demon with great anger began to kick Him again more vehemently. This time Balarāma immediately caught hold of the legs of the ass with one hand and, wheeling him around, threw him into the treetops.

Krsna and Balarāma and the cow heard boys.

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