Tree idea for Reading Area, tent... Options: attach some of the branches to the ceiling /or drape thin blue cloth for sky/night sky. Add white Christmas lights to the "sky" i.e. on the hanging fabric or wall ceiling.

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Plastic Dollar store bags cut and wrapped around canvas. Genius! Love the read sign too, I want LEARN!

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Crafty children's librarian; pictures of giant book as I was constructing. Wanna make your own giant book? Go for it! @Rena' Ruble' Ruble' Ruble Porter Wright . . .

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Book Recommendation Bulletin Board - could be used as a ticket out the door with different categories for thoughts about reading for that day 2x2x2

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Using a "BFG + Dream Jars" (write titles of favorite books on the jars) is a creative idea for designing a reading corner in your classroom. This would be a perfect idea for a fourth grade classroom.

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