Ragda Pattice by Tarla Dalal, combination of tasty pattice, chutneys, chopped onions, masala and coriander.

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Dal makhani or maa di dal, as it is popularly known in the punjab, with its smooth velvety texture and lovely flavour is a delicacy that is very much a dish of the punjab. Every punjabi restaurant, roadside eating place and food stall vendor makes the claim that this is a delicacy that they alone can make to perfection. This my own tested recipe dare i claim it as the best? dal makhani is traditionally cooked on a low flame overnight and allowed to thicken. Using a pressure cooker helps ...

On one of my trips to the Punjab I picked up this gem of a recipe from a rather small and inconspicuous Punjabi restaurant. This dal is absolutely delicious and the cook had no hesitation in telling me his secret which I now pass on to you! Whole urad dal requires being soaked overnight, so preparing this dish requires some prior planning. Like most Punjabi dals this too requires loads of ghee that add an unmatched flavour. Milk is added to the dal making it creamy. Badam or almonds are ...

There are some cold, rainy days when you feel a craving for something crunchy and spicy. Here is a quick snack that you can fix up in a jiffy to liven your spirits. Surely, your entire family will love it as it is loaded with papdi, fruits, potatoes, cooked kabuli chana, chutneys and perky spices – there is something in it for everybody!

Aloochaat is perfect for a cold day as it is nice and spicy, but it is a wonderful choice for hot days as well as it has no oil and is relatively light. In short, it is an anytime, anywhere snack. Made with just common ingredients, it can really be made whenever you wish.

Hits the right spot, every time! Anemia kills appetites and this soup is a nice new way to bring it right back.

Mumbai Mast Tomato Pulao - A wonderful Mumbai street food styled rice made with paneer (cottage cheese) and veggies and loads of flavor. Vegans can use tofu instead of paneer.

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