Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design drawings, collection development - lineup; fashion sketches; fashion portfolio // Student work, CSM

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How to Keep a Sketchbook, Artist Study with thanks to angie brown, Resources for Art Students, CAPI ::: Create Art Portfolio Ideas at , Inspiration for Art School Portfolio Work, Artist Sketchbook

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This series of photographs show the captivating, luminous quality of Halima’s outstanding final A Level Textiles piece. Amazing!

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Valery Koshlyakov’s large-scale cardboard paintings, collages and installations – sometimes hanging from the ceiling, sometimes made out of sticky tape p

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Fashion Sketchbooks, Artist Study with thanks to Ania Leike for Art School Students, CAPI ::: Create Art Portfolio Ideas at Art School Portfolio, Fashion, Clothes, GCSE, A Level ,Design, Art, Figurative, Figure, People,

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The final A Level Preparatory sheet shows smaller versions of the pieces that were completed in the exam: a dramatic, horizontal piece that combines earlier composite images into a single work; photographs of the work printed at large scale and framed; and selected close-up details of the final piece that might be overlooked when viewing the composition as a whole.

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Sketchbook, Inspiration, Design, Student, Project, University, Presentation, Creativity, Layout, Photography, Portfolio, Art, Illustration

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