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What on earth to do with 60s teal tiles? Ideas to work with what's there. Isn't it just cheating to rip it all out - especially when the suite is white and smart

Inspiration---> colors for baby girl--->I am planning to do some painting this weekend, revamp the kids toy room and repair a few holes in walls which means a complete repaint of the whole wall. I have found some great inspiration for c...

This color scheme just cries out with tranquility! Use the following Premier Fabrics Collections to simulate this experience: Eaton Blue, Italian Brown, Frost, Village Blue

I absolutely adore this website, because it has so many color palette ideas for rooms! It makes designing a room so much easier! @Barbara Farano this is the site I was talking about!

Pretty Pastels | Pastel inspiratie | Eijerkamp #wooninspiratie #woonideeën #interieurtrends