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So you've found Mr Right and things are just about perfect. You love everything he does and you can't wait to introduce him to family and friends. But that's where things can go horribly wrong. You know he loves you to bits but he just can't seem to get along with your family or friends or both? What can you do if your man hates the people you love? Well, not much. Just wait and watch. Here is a list of eight people, who he might not get along with (and it's completely okay). Image…


8 of Your Favourite People Who Your Man Won't Like

In Bollywood there are no rules for success, so what works once, becomes the sought out formulae. Then you'll have the creative minds of the industry re-work, re-package and re-produce the same kind of stories to entertain the bored janta. But even amidst the numerous movies using sure shot formulas, we've seen some celebs risk it all for offbeat avatars. Take a look at 15 Bollywood celebrities who took the road less travelled and dared to be different. Don't Miss! 10 Bollywood Actresses…

15 Bollywood Celebs Who Dared to be Different

from The Economic Times

Gold futures extend gains, up 0.32% on firm global cues

Gold futures extend gains, up 0.32% on firm global cues - The Economic Times