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Intelligent Ice Why Dilute? Will not dilute your drink Keeps wine chilled Patented clip holds CHILLBALL in place ChillBall - intelligent ice is the answer to keeping wine at the perfect fridge served temperature without compromising the taste. it won't affect the flavour or dilute your drink! CHILLBALL is available as a pack of six chillballs; 8 clips (4 long, 4 short) and rack for easy storage in the freezer

Bottle opener with Attitude Easy to grip bottle openers with attitude! Stands on the table top Stand out in your draw Available in red, black, green and purple. Note - any color can be dispatched.

Bottle Stoppers Top off your open wine bottles with a classy bird stopper. Comes in a set of 3 so there's always one on hand - not in the bush. Dishwasher safe.

The perfect wine glass markers! Identifies your drink Easy to attach Fun for entertaining Made from soft silicone rubber, packs come as a set of six in various colours and designs.

Chills wine, champagne and other drinks in a matter of minutes! Keep the Bottle Cooler in the freezer ready for use. The velcro closure adjusts to various sizes of bottles and cans. The Bottle Cooler is safe - special formula gel is completely non-toxic. Tested under Euronom BS 6671 (food and drink safety) by an independent laboratory.

Intelligent Ice The undiluted chill Doesn't dilute or affect flavour Provides a long chill Chillrocks can be stacked in taller glasses Chillrocks work perfectly with tumbler drinks. For Scotches, Bourbons and liqueurs that doesn't need watering down. The versatile ChillRocks can also be doubled up in taller glasses making them Perfect for long drinks like iced, beers and ciders. Chillrocks are available as a pack of 4 chillrocks with 8 clips(4 long and 4 short). The pack stores neatly in…

Voluminous the bigger glass drying mat! The unique spike and beveled edges ensure your glasses dry quickly and the water never seepes away. Can hold upto 10 glasses, works well for vases too!

Smart Wine Bottle Storage Space saving Stack up to 6 bottles Great in fridge too! Use stack to display your bottles in a unique and space saving way. Either in a pyramid of up to 6 bottles. The choice is yours. Made of high quality silicone rubber.